When Preparation Meets Opportunity

mo_sheaI have begun my new position as president of Global Boxing Gym, located in North Bergen, NJ.  This has been an amazing few weeks. As I sit back and reflect on my life and the experiences I have had, my destiny is slowly making itself more and more visible every day.   People continue to ask me if I am “hanging up the gloves”, and my answer is.. Absolutely NOT!

When I set out to achieve something, I do my best to make it happen. I truly feel I have so much more to accomplish inside the squared circle.

Another question that comes up is, “Will you be able to manage multiple tasks as you prepare for fights?”  My answer is that I have good people around me who understand my main goal and care about me and my best interests. That being said, I resort back to one of my favorite quotes: “Individually we are a drop, but together we are an ocean”.

I have to say that I would not be where I am if it weren’t for the amazing people God has placed in my life.  As the president of Global Boxing Gym, I am applying the same values and mind set that has helped me in my boxing career and personal life.  Those values are keeping God close, staying focused on the vision, being open-minded to learn and grow, trusting myself and keeping good people around me. I have been blessed with the opportunity to help a sport that has saved my life. I am able to help fighters who understand what it takes to live out this uncommon dream we share.  We accept and understand the struggle, sacrifice, pain, joy, triumph, commitment, education, life lessons and passion that all come with this game, and we support each other daily in the process.That is what Global Boxing Gym provides, along with a state of the art facility to help in making dreams come true.

The one thing I feel everyday as I sit in my office, which overlooks the gym, is Global Boxing’s heart which is able to beat so strong because of the people who come in to work and train each and every day. These people are the staff, the competitive and non-competitive athletes, the trainers and the visitors.  They commit themselves to their personal vision and do their best each day to work not only on their dreams but to motivate and inspire the dreams of others.

Boxing is a gift God gave me and what I do with it is my gift back to Him. I know with this new position I will go through my tests and challenges. I am looking forward to growing mentally physically and spiritually from this opportunity and sharing my new journey with you all!

“The Real Million Dollar Baby”
Maureen Shea