The Bond- Trainer & Boxer

seJune 17, 2011: “Unless you are a fighter you will never understand the bond we have with our trainers.” – M Shea

I am currently out in California getting myself back into fighting shape. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring my trainer Terrific Gist out here with me (as much as I would have loved to) because he has other fighters he is working with in New Jersey. This is the first time I have been away from “T” since I started training with him over a year ago and let me tell you it isn’t easy.

A boxer and their trainer have an unspoken bond. They know each other inside and out. They spend more time with each other then they do their own families and share a multitude of emotions on a daily basis. A trainer knows what is going on in their boxers head even when the fighter doesn’t. It is truly a gift a person has to posses in order to be a good trainer. They have to put ego, personal issues, fear, and pain aside in order to get the best out of their fighter. They both sacrifice to achieve their goals in the ring. They become like a parent to the fighter. A trainer knows when the fighter is lying, hurting, struggling inside the ring and out. They have to selflessly and carefully nurture their fighter to help get the best out of them. The trainer needs to know when to stop pushing their fighter and let him/her push themselves. The fighter has to trust their trainer. He or she needs to believe in their trainers words, ideas and purpose. They both need to be able to communicate. A fighter needs to know when to stop listening to the voice in their head and listen to their trainers, just as the trainer needs to listen to the body language and words of a fighter and know when to push them. Trainers and fighters need to grow together. Its really an amazing bond.

In a sport where there is a lot of ego, mistrust, abuse and games, a trainer and a fighter must have a solid bond in order not to let those distractions come between them and their work. At the end of the day the good and the bad falls on the trainer and the fighter.

Being out here in California has been really eye opening for me. I am training in Ventura with Joseph Janik and his team at Knuckleheadz Boxing Gym. I have to say they are such a great group of fighters. They support each other and work together. This is a great atmosphere for me to be in while I am getting myself back. I honestly feel blessed to find another quality trainer, person and team that has the same great qualities that I saw in Terrific and my NJ team. I look forward to the road ahead and having the best of the East and West coast in my corner when I make my return to the ring!