“TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More”

mo_sheaEvery boxer that achieves greatness has a TEAM.

Sometimes, it goes unaware to the general public that there are many people behind the scenes who are very diligent in their roles in assisting the team. What the public sees is the final product of the boxer. Many boxers have seconds that quite often put in a lot of time training them outside of the head coach. They are specialist, such as mitt man Orlando Carrasquilla who has at different times been an integral part of the careers of Paulie Maliggnagi, John Duddy and Elio Rojas. Fighters such as current WBA World Champion Yuri Foremen who lives in NY, often does his daily training with former World Title Challenger, Pedro Saiz, who is also based in Brooklyn, NY. Foreman’s head trainer,Joe Greer, is based out of NJ. New Jersey based, Aroz “Terrific” Gist, for example, is a great boxing mind that is currently under the radar. Also willing to work with amateur boxers, he is the main helping hand for renowned trainer Tommy Brooks. “Terrific” has World Championship experience as head trainer for former World Champion Kendall Holt

Sometimes team members have a very specific role, such as Manny Pacquiao’s conditioning coach , Alex Ariza, who has done a brilliant job in helping Manny Pacquiao move up in weight. Also well known conditioning and weight loss coach, Ventura, California based Robert Ferguson. Robert was instrumental in convincing Sergio Mora’s team to seek out a World Title opportunity at 154 lbs. His expertise in weight loss, nutrition and conditioning helped make Sergio Mora the WBC Light middleweight World Champion.

When the team steps into the ring everyone is united by the fight plan. Peter Manfredo Sr. was recently ejected from the corner during Jesse Brinkley’s best career performance against a dangerous and talented Curtis Stevens. Who was there to keep Jesse’s focus and composure on the fight plan? In that instance, World Class cut man Danny Milano’s boxing experience and dedication to his craft helped secure Brinkley’s win.

To avoid injury after strenuous training and keeping a fighters body in optimum condition many boxers have a massage therapist on hand. Massage Therapist Janie Renzi , who lives and works in Vero Beach Florida has worked with numerous World Class boxers. The boxing community is a very small circle and when word gets around that someone like Janie Renzi is a talented massage therapist who specializes in working with boxers, she will be sought out. Her client list includes, Former World Champion Lamon Brewster, Vernon Forrest, and rising star Daniel Jacobs.

Throughout the boxing world there are many talented and selfless contributors that go unrecognized but have helped the performances of many great fighters and continue to do so today.