Stepping Back While Entering a New Phase

mo_sheaSometimes we need to sit back and look at where our lives and work hastaken us. I found this sport by accident and it saved my life. As Ireminisce about my journey in boxing I have to say a force greater thanmyself (God) has led me down this incredible road. With all these amazing events, opportunities and experiences taking place in my life, in the silence of it all, I sometimes feel lonely.  When someone has such an eventful, fast paced life, once all the hoopla winds down and you are alone with yourself, realization takes place.

I grew up in a family that was always around. We had parties at my home and when I would travel to Mexico every year I would always meet a “new” cousin or family member.   I was always around people, friends, family or meeting new people through my friends.  I feel this upbringing helped mewith my socialization skills when it comes to networking and forming business and personal relationships in and outside the ring.

I just turned 30 this past January and things have changed. My family moved to Florida, I moved to New Jersey to be closer to work, where I don’t know many people. As much as I love NJ it is very difficult to be away from my hometown of the Bronx. I am single, and I am realizing I am entering a new “phase” of my life.  This transition has been a bit scary to be honest.  The self reliance and independence I have always had since I was a child has taken on a whole new meaning.

I have been doing more work outside the ring lately. Promoting, reality shows, podcasts, writing, commentating, and running a gym.  One thing I have to share with you is the switch from thinking like a boxer to putting my business mindset in play has been very intriguing to me. When working on these forenamed projects I have to sometimes catch myself and switch from thinking as a boxer, which can be challenging.  When you live your life as a boxer your one job is to put all your energy into training. That has to be your number one priority.   It has been that way for me for 9 years. I have had a manager who has worked on the business end of my career. He would call me in if he felt it was in my best interest to be present. Other than that I was always aware and informed of what was going on behind the scenes but my main focus was training.  Right now, I have decided to step back and focus on the business side of boxing.  Being a boxer first has only helped me in being successful at handling these new projects.  I know when my time to get back in the ring comes (and it will come) I will be better equipped  mentally, physically and spiritually to handle what is thrown at me from what I am experiencing and learning from at this point in my career.

I have to say the support system that has always surrounded me has only grown from taking on these new projects.  I have an amazing staff working with me at Global Boxing Gym, Pandora and Global Boxing Promotions.  We have formed a Dynamite team and we are looking to do some great shows in the future together. I am networking and meeting some great talent in and outside the ring, from Boxers to commentators to managers and fellow promoters, listening and learning from each one of them.  My supporters who have been with me since the beginning of my Boxing career have increased with my new business ventures and I am always grateful to them!

With that being said, I am sure many of you can relate to the “change” happening in your own lives and at times may feel that lonely feeling. I have realized that in the moments that I am alone and feel that lonely feeling, I need to remind myself it is times like these that God is speaking to me and telling me to reflect and give myself the credit I deserve.