Reflecting into 2012 WBC featherweight world champion Maureen Shea

Moe1December 31, 2011: I do a lot of reflecting on a weekly, monthly and daily basis. I use this practice to help me understand, appreciate and be thankful for ALL the events that take place in my life. It becomes a timeline for me to see my self growth. Its not always easy. I stay positive and remember how I have survived and worked through some times in my life when that feeling of hopelessness was hanging over my head.

I reflect on the people I have met, people who have come into my life for a brief moment and people who are still in my life, looking forward to the endless amounts of people I KNOW I will meet on my journey through life.

WBC featherweight world champion Maureen Shea

But of course and understandably, this time of year people do some MAJOR reflecting… I am going through my timeline from January to now and I have to say I am sitting back amazed at the occurrences and moves I have made through practicing my faith and with the love and support of some amazing individuals like all of you!

I am the WBC Featherweight Champion of the World and the best part about all of this is I did it for ME and am blessed to share it with all of YOU! There is so much more I am working towards in and out of the ring, and look forward to what is ahead, while staying present everyday!

I want to leave you all with a FEW of the MANY tools that have helped me in 2011 and I will keep with me into 2012 and beyond…

Be grateful-Everyday no matter what is going on bad good or indifferent, stop and say THANK YOU.

Stay Present-Our lives move at such a fast pace. We sometimes try to control the uncontrollable but one thing we can control is where we allow our minds to go. It may be into the future or the past. But practice being still and being present in the moment.

Take responsibility-One piece of advice that was given to me was this “People can ONLY make YOU feel the way YOU allow them to” This is a quote i recite to myself on a daily basis before I react to ANYTHING.

Don’t be afraid to speak– If you feel something, no matter what it is don’t be afraid to express you feeling. REMEMBER You may NOT get the reaction you want but expression that is suppressed will creep up on you at a later point. Don’t be afraid to “purge”

Have Faith– I am not one to push religious beliefs on anyone. Faith has no religion. It just simply is. When something seems to be consuming you mentally physically and spiritually, let it go and give it to Faith.

I wish you all a Blessed, Safe, Prosperous New Year! May you all learn, grow and love in the New Year and beyond!! I love you all and THANK YOU for being YOU!

Much love and respect

Moe 🙂 XOXO