RandomThoughts – Respect and Protect

mo_sheaI have found that some people get the words protect and respect confused. This misunderstanding has cost people a lot. Before doing something for someone, some may ask themselves, am I respecting them by doing what I feel is protecting them.

Many times when I have a thought like this I post it on my Facebook page curious of how different people respond. I say DIFFERENT people because we are all made up of a combination of different morals, values, understandings, and ways of living. After reading some of the responses I was intrigued. I also learned a lot about my thoughts on the topic at hand through others views.

I know I am FAR from perfect. I make mistakes but I do my best to try to understand and have compassion for others. Sometimes when understanding another person becomes too complicated I tend to step back for my own personal health, do some soul searching, and pray, in hopes that things will work themselves out.

Its part of being part of the human race. I feel this is where communication is vital, but communication with an open mind. Not an “I am right because I said so” kind of attitude which happens at times. I feel we have all been hurt and felt pain be it physical or emotional. Due to these occurrences, we have a fear inside which makes it hard for us to differentiate who is trying to protect and respect us. Everyone makes mistakes and at times they are not the only ones to suffer because of their mistakes.

Sometimes, the only way for me to express this is, I feel like we have been thrown into a big mixing bowl called life. We are all so different in so many ways. How we mesh or collaborate with one another is so interesting to me. I wonder what draws some of us together and why do we get along with some better than others. Why are certain people brought into our lives, when we feel they are sure to stay, something beyond our understanding has them depart.

I myself am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and my all time favorite quote, “Do not put question mark where God puts a period”.

It is a lot easier said than done.

I know this blog may be a bit deeper then my others but when I have a thought like this and cannot decipher what it means I find blogging about it helps me 🙂