Opinions, Opinions….

mo_sheaIn your opinion, what is the most highly talked about topic in boxing today?

Well, after posting the following on my Facebook Status, my thought was confirmed; “I would like to hear people’s opinions on Pacman’s Performance Enhancing Drug use accusations. Please feel free to post. Not looking to start a debate just hear people’s honest personal Opinions.. Thanks!”

And so it began… I had a feeling people would be ready and willing to post their opinions being that Manny had just fought and beat a capable yet completely non engaging Clottey this past Saturday evening. Which means Manny would hopefully be fighting the winner of Mosley/Mayweather.

Some of the comments were very interesting. There were pretty even pro and con Manny opinions posted. Some people were a bit impartial stating that they aren’t reading into it but “cannot understand why a ‘clean’ athlete would refuse random testing!” Each time a con Manny comment was posted the ever loyal Pacquio fans were quick to counter with statements such as “how can any validity be given to baseless steroid accusations on someone who has never failed any drug test and never been linked to any steroids in any way? This whole thing is based off slanderous accusations from the Mayweather camp that seem to have made it pretty clear that they want no part of Pacquiao…especially in taking a fight … instead with someone who is a known steroid user in Mosley. Mayweather is simply genius in weaseling his way out of a fight and making the other party look bad.”

Many people posted that they feel all fighters should be subject to drug testing, not just one fighter because their opponent requests it. One post that really caught my attention was, “You know something, has anyone considered that perhaps Floyd “Captain Brittle-hands” Mayweather is the one using performance enhancing drugs??? Often the one that breaks wind is the one blaming everyone else. Mayweather, having the knowledge he himself was fearful of fighting Pac could very well have cycled off any performance enhancing drugs before any testing be done. Just a thought.”

Some people even put themselves in the equation saying, “well all I am saying is that for 25 million dollar they could test me very minute if they want to lol…..there is no 1 in the history of boxing that has done what Pac-man is doing to these bigger fighters. Even the great sugar Ray couldn’t do it moving from welterweight to middleweight and then try Light Heavey weight but the heat and weight of … Billy Conn was too much for him …..yet Pac-man moves from 106 to 145 wow 40lbs of muscle…..with more power more speed …I saw many fighter try to step up it is not easy ….but time with tell it always does …” And the rebuttal, “Remember, no one’s done something until someone comes along and does it. If someone has to be the first, why not Manny?”

All in all it turned into a great debate with much back and forth and I am glad I made the post. My personal opinion (which I did not post in this debate), I firmly believe Manny Pacquiao is not on steroids. I can see why people may have concern, BUT that being said.. I cannot see how a man of true Faith that carries himself with so much dignity, class and respect for not only himself but the country he represents, would take any performance enhancing substances. I personally feel that his success is the mark of pure passion, drive, discipline, hard work and a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, and spiritually. But based on Manny’s character, do you honestly think he would take enhancers? And also, how would you feel if you worked very hard at your craft, mentally, physically and spiritually to succeed and have people accusing you of this. Like I said in my above mention, I can see how people are of concern. But I personally do not feel it fits with Manny’s character, and at the end of the day character speaks volumes of a person. No matter whom they are. Like the saying goes, “show me what you have done and who you have around you and that will tell me who you are”. From what I see Manny is a man of Great respect, Dignity and Faith. And it shows in the ring.