MY Reality is not a show

shea4March 21, 2011: I always write about how amazing my journey through boxing has been. I truly can’t begin to express how emotional I am right this moment as I write this blog. I am on my way to Chiapas Mexico to host the reality show, “Todas Contra Mexico”.

I am really living out a dream of mine, my reality. I have always wanted to return to Mexico with boxing in some way,and now I am. Along with this, I am able to work with some talented young women who love, respect and are as determined as I am to succeed in this sport. I truly enjoy sharing my experiences with people I meet through boxing because I get to hear their stories and it also reminds me that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing in my life.

As I went through security at JFK Airport today I had to take my NABF title belt out of my carry on to be screened. The reaction I received from people was priceless. It seems the belt really brings something out in people. Anytime I give them the belt to hold I see their eyes light up. I can really tell you, it makes my winning it mean that much more. They then share stories with me and I learn so much about them and sometimes even more about myself.

My manager once told me that people think good things just fall into my lap and that sometimes people don’t realize I create it. I guess all I can say is I believe things happen the way God plans them to. I try to practice “letting go and letting God” or “what is meant to be will be”. Its not always easy. Life and boxing has its ups and downs. As humans we have fear and try to control things. I have and continue to have my fears creep up on me and hold me back at times. But I am always reminded by the good people around me that I am doing great. There are times, the present included, when I need to look myself in the mirror and say “you can do this”, no matter if it is inside or outside the ring. It always seems to help me, and who better to motivate and bring out my strength then me. Sometimes we look to others for reassurence. That’s OK but we can not solely rely on them. We can use that as a push to remind ourselves of our worth.

Through my journey I have learned not to be afraid of being vulnerable and knowing when to ask for help. We all have moments of vulnerability. I feel through those moments we really develop and discover our strength.

Alot of people tell me I am strong. I wasn’t always. Being open about my life with the public I really had to practice being strong. The one thing I can say that has really given me strength is boxing. It is one of the few sports where you are stripped of everything once you enter the ring. You are completely vulnerable, in survival mode and unable to hide behind anything. This pertains to life on so many levels. We came into this world alone. We have a respnsibilty to survive in a world where we are constantly being tested. We wonder what is the right decision and what if we make the wrong decision. Same as in the ring. What if I throw the left hook and get caught with a right? In the ring you have a pretty clear idea what to expect. You know you will be getting hit, you have practiced your defense and offense and maybe you have seen footage on your opponent which helps to prepare you a bit more. In life we don’t get that luxury. We can only expect the unexpected. In boxing it can take one punch to change a fight, in life it can take one moment to change a life. In a fight it can be the punch that hurts you that can make you fight even harder. In life it can be the one moment where someone or something hurts you that can make you stronger. It all depends on the life long saying, do you see the glass half full or half empty? All we can do to survive is do our best to keep getting up when life or our opponent lands a good shot or knocks us down. You never know what pushing through can do for you, it may even change your REALITY like it has mine.