Feeding Your Soul

mo_sheaHave you ever noticed that you attract certain people in your life and others just seem to stay away? Or as you go through your life you notice people come and go.

I have been practicing staying present and doing my best to stay conscious of my thoughts and emotions. I have also been watching my attitude towards myself, situations that arise and other people. I have been working some exercises that have helped me to be the best me I can be every day, inside and outside the ring.

One of these exercises begins as soon as I wake up in the morning. I smile J as hard as it may be on some mornings; I do my best to smile! I have four people in my life that I text message every morning “Good Morning Sunshine”. Whoever wakes up first sends the text. What I have found from this exercise is that it sets my day into a positive flow. There are mornings when I may wake up feeling lonely or sad. I am human. Then I look at my cell phone and see my “Good Morning Sunshine” and I remember I am not alone. And in case I lost my smile my friends help me find it. I do the same for them. The key to this exercise is it must be selfless. Even on days when I am sad I always send the text no matter what. If my friends don’t text back (which they ALWAYS do) I don’t take it personal.

This is just ONE way I feed my soul.

I also watch my words and do my best to keep them positive. I show respect to others and for those who may not choose to show me respect I either speak to them about it or I keep my distance. I address the person in a respectful way and if they continue I distance myself from that person, making sure I don’t react off emotion. This practice has helped me in working on setting boundaries. A person can only affect you if you let them.

Boxing is 90% mental. Anyone who has ever stepped into the squared circle knows that if you are not mentally right nothing you do in that ring will come out right. It takes a certain mental toughness to be able to step through those ropes. In order to get the best work in and be safe, one must leave whatever issues are happening in their personal life at the door of the gym before they walk in. It is easier said than done. But it must be done in order to be safe in that ring. Practicing this mental toughness in my everyday life has helped and benefited me in boxing. Since I have changed my thinking and approach to things I have noticed the wonderful gifts life has given me.. Some people say I’m lucky but I believe you make your own luck. And luck is simply preparation meeting opportunity. Just remember this. “Your mental attitude gives your entire personality a drawing power that attracts the circumstances, things and people you think about most”.