A Fighter’s Journey is Not Taken Alone

moephotoSeptember 12, 2011: For eleven years, boxing has brought me on an amazing journey. As it continues I reminisce about the places I’ve been, people I’ve trained with and gyms I have trained in. I have been blessed to train around and study some exceptional athletes and trainers. I trained in the well known Gleason’s Gym for 7 years and have interacted with many World Champion caliber fighters such as Zab Judah, Arturo Gatti, Joan Guzman, Paulie Malignaggi to name a few. I then moved to New Jersey where I interacted and trained around World Champion caliber fighters such as Kendall Holt, Vivian Harris, Monte Barrett, and Pawel Wolak; boxing has led me to travel to foreign countries such as Mexico, Belgium and Panama to develop my craft and observe future and current World Champion fighters. I have studied, listened and observed demeanors, styles and training methods of many in this sport.

I am now in Ventura California. My move out West wasn’t for boxing. It was for me, my health and well being. Just as He always shows me, God has a plan, and boxing is part of it. For the past 3 months I have been training out of Knuckleheadz Boxing and MMA with Joe “Hoss” Janik who I have known for over 3 years. It just so happens that this is the same gym as WBC World Champion Victor Ortiz. Although I have seen him fight on several occasions, I had never met or spoken to Victor until recently. He is a humble, respectful, and a courteous young man. I am getting to know the team that makes up Team Knuckleheadz and see the same characteristics in each one of the fighters, both Boxing and MMA.

In my opinion, a fighters training environment and team helps each individual fighter grow and maintain balance on a daily basis. I have been blessed to be part of a great supportive team in New Jersey and have found the same support and team atmosphere out here in Ventura with team Knuckleheadz. The one thing that has become very clear to me with this team is they believe in, love, support and will always be in Victor Ortiz’s corner. They are all hard working athletes and have an individual humor that makes any training day fun. Jokes are a constant remedy to making for a stress free, yet focused environment. Each one of these fighters enjoys what they do and it shows. I personally have the utmost confidence in Victor’s preparation, mental state and focus leading into the biggest fight of his career, and I know the support he has from this team has and will continue to carry him through.